cheap driving lessons lincoln

cheap driving lessons lincoln




Whether you are 17 or 77 starting to learn to drive is truly memorable and Lincoln Driving Lessons are what you need to pass your driving test.


The right thing to do is get a flying start and you’ll achieve this by feeling relaxed, and I’ll make sure you clearly understand everything I say.


Your confidence will grow and your driving will become better and better.




To find out a little more watch the video and then phone me on 07908 652 715 – Soon enough your seat and mirror will be in position, the ignition key turned and we’ll be off.


Working together as a team will give you the advantage or learning more quickly and it will not be long before your beginner lessons are a thing of the past.


To start your beginner driving lessons or to find out a little more


Phone me on 07908 652 715





driving schools reading

driving schools reading


CONFIDENCE BUILDING LESSONS FOR DRIVING: We are going to help you feel comfortable and take control


How long have you been waiting to drive and pass your test but have been held back due to feeling nervous or anxious about the prospect of driving. There are actually many good reasons for you to feel like the way you do, not forgetting of course you as a human being were not designed to do this. Its only in the last few years of the human race have we been able to travel so fast…always remember that. driving lessons reading


Now your feelings are important to you, and you feel anxious for very good reasons so before you start to learn to drive you are very welcome to share your thoughts with us. In fact it would be nice to know where your comfort zone is because that is where we will do your learning. 


Our lessons are great for you because we allow you through the natural development of learning to drive to push back your boundaries. This means we don’t push you into anything you are not comfortable with and of course at all times you are kept safe by your driving instructor.



driving schools mansfield

driving schools mansfieldFor driving lessons in Mansfield here is why you need to choose Rob Nichols




You want to get your driving licence so you can get on with driving and do all the great things passing your driving test allows you to do, however there are so many different driving schools to choose from who is going to be the best option for you?


Well here at Rob Nichols Driver Training before you even leave this website you are going to learn.


1. How to pass first time


2. How you can save yourself over £500 on passing your driving test


3. How to make sure you don’t take more driving lessons than you need.



You are also going to get introduced into our type of driving lessons, you can watch the videos and see just how easy we help you with learning to drive. And if you did not think that was enough, we are also giving all of our students a TRIPLE GUARANTEE which no other driving school does in the Mansfield area.

driving instructors taunton

driving instructors taunton

driving lessons in taunton by Keith Mansfield


I know right now it is difficult for you to tell the difference between a good driving school and a driving school you would prefer to avoid. So I decided to show you I am very confident with helping you pass your driving test, and first time, that I am giving you guarantees.



What learners tend to do when they are not sure if a school is right for them is to buy a “special deal” the ones in our area are typically 10 hours for £150, but what you don’ t know is the instructor is making less than £5 an hour. So what tends to happen is you don ‘t do a lot of driving, and you don’ t really make a saving at all.


My Money Back Guarantee


You will be happy to know that each of my driving lessons in taunton comes with a money back guarantee. This means you can get to know me without any risk on your wallet and it works like this. If you don’t like the lesson you are on or the one you have just finished, I will refund you.


I have the experience, knowledge and friendliness you need, so try me out.


cheap driving lessons bradford

cheap driving lessons bradford


ntensive Driving Courses Bradford


How Many Hours In A Week Can You Do?


While some schools will allow you to do 30 or 40 hours it is very tiring for you and the chances of passing start to decrease partly due to fatigue. You need the chance to freshen up and reflect on your learning for it to sink in properly. If you did want this amount of hours in a week; make sure your test is 7 to 10 days after and take a couple of extra lessons in between, it will help your chances of passing.



Intensive Driving Schools in Bradford


Weekend Courses


These are very popular, you do 10 hours of a Saturday and Sunday and by the end of the month if you started as a total novice you will have completed the learning to drive syllabus.


The course allows you to go to college or work in the week and you can do your lessons at the weekend and keep yourself fresh.

driving instructors bridgwater

driving instructors bridgwater


Driving Lessons Bridgwater


How To Save Over £500


Lots of learner drivers will be looking for cheap driving lessons in Bridgwater especially when they cant tell the difference between one school and another. There are some cheap deals to be had and you can save £50 or so but if you want to understand how to save well over £500, read this…



First of all you need to be aware the DVSA state that the average driver needs 47 hours of professional tuition and that is topped up with 20 hours of private practice.


Please pay special attention to the word “average” as this includes people who can’t afford to drive, those that miss lessons and those that take one hour a week.



We are going to show you how one hour a week is going to cost you a fortune.


So in a few moments you take a one hour driving lesson and in 7 days time you do the same, but what can you remember next week from this weeks lesson? Not a lot. Usually you will spend 15 minutes going over what you did, now if you have 47 hours which is the average you are having around 12 hours too many.



What you need to do is take at least a two hour lesson and if possible do that twice a week. You will forget less and save much more. We reckon thats a £300 saving.


Now if you are taking driving lessons in bridgwater as we recommend you will not need to insurance a private car. Insurance for a learner driver could be around £25 per week, plus £5 fuel and do that over 3 months you have racked up £360, we can help you save that.


contact us today

driving schools poole

Skipping drivng Lessons in Poole Costs You A Fortune


If you can’t find the money to take lessons weekly then my most beneficial advice is for you is to save up. Try to remember when you were at school and missed classes because you were sick, or there is that certain lesson which is only 1 hour a week. It’s nearly impossible to remember what you managed in the last lesson so you had to play catch up. However with driving lessons that will hit your pocket. What’s right to do is to make sure you are able to afford at least 2 hours every week, if you can do 4 hours or six hours then brilliant. 




Of course you can spread the hours out over the week. The nice thing about learning to drive like this is you are likely to retain a great deal of details, you are going to forget less, learn more quickly and require fewer driving lessons to pass your driving test. 


driving lessons poole


driving schools bournemouth